April 23, 2009

Check File Size, Space Used and Free Space of a Database using T-SQL

I was looking around for a way to find out the Free Space in a Database using T-SQL. Luckily, I bumped into this very cool script that gives you important info like File Size, Space Used and Free Space of a Database using T-SQL. This script was written by Michael Valentine Jones and I am just sharing it with you (since it's way cool!)

USE Northwind



    CONVERT(decimal(12,2),ROUND(a.size/128.000,2)) as [FILESIZEINMB] ,

    CONVERT(decimal(12,2),ROUND(fileproperty(a.name,'SpaceUsed')/128.000,2)) as [SPACEUSEDINMB],

    CONVERT(decimal(12,2),ROUND((a.size-fileproperty(a.name,'SpaceUsed'))/128.000,2)) as [FREESPACEINMB],

    a.name as [DATABASENAME],



    dbo.sysfiles a


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Very cool.