August 16, 2010

Count the Number of Occurrence of Characters in a String – SQL Server Challenge is back with another challenge this week. This challenge is all about counting the number of occurrence of characters in a string using a SET based query. The task is to list all the characters and count of that character within the given string

Challenge URL: Count the Number of Occurrence of Characters in a String

I had written a similar article sometime back which can give you some hints on how to solve the challenge. Check the article here Count Occurrences of Characters in a String – SQL Server

DECLARE @longWord varchar(28)='AntiDisEstablishmentArianism'

SELECT CountCharacters =
- DATALENGTH (REPLACE(REPLACE(LOWER(@longWord),'a',''),'i',''))

Remember the code shown above is just a hint on counting character occurrence and not the solution. Read the challenge and its rules carefully over here.

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