April 08, 2012

Temporary Tables - SQL Server vs MySQL

Continuing my series on how same things can be done differently in SQL Server and MySQL, in this post, we will see temporary table support in SQL Server vs MySQL.

We may often need to create a temporary table while processing data to provide a workspace for storing intermediate results. Both SQL Server and MySQL support temporary tables.

In SQL Server, all temporary tables should be prefixed by the # sign

Consider this table

create table #test
id int,
names varchar(100)

insert into #test(id, names)
select 1,'test'

select * from #test

We can drop this table by using a DROP command

DROP table #test

In MySQL, we have to use the keyword 'temporary' when creating a temporary table

Consider the following code

create temporary table if not exists test
id int,
names varchar(100)

insert into test(id, names)
select 1,'test'

select * from test

The above creates a temporary table called test in the current session if it is not already available. To drop a temporary table in MySQL, we can use the following code

drop temporary table test

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