September 19, 2013

Extract Hour and Minute from a Date in SQL Server

Newbie database developers often spend most of their time struggling with date and time functions in SQL Server. One common requirement is extracting values out of a date like the hour and minute.

This could be done in multiple ways and differently depending on the SQL Server edition you are using

For example

in SQL Server 2005/2008

SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(5), GETDATE(), 114) as "Hour:Minute";


The same in SQL Server 2012 can be done using the new FORMAT functions

SELECT FORMAT(GETDATE() , 'hh:mm') as “Hour:Minute”;

Similarly as explained by Madhivanan in this post, there are several ways to format dates in various formats using the new SQL Server 2012 FORMAT functions

**Query 1**:

    SELECT FORMAT(GETDATE(),'dd-MM-yyyy') AS [dd_mm_yyyy]

    | DD_MM_YYYY |
    | 19-09-2013 |

**Query 2**:

    SELECT FORMAT(GETDATE(),'MM/dd/yyyy') AS [mm/dd/yyyy]

    | MM/DD/YYYY |
    | 09/19/2013 |

**Query 3**:


    | MMM-YYYY |
    | Sep-2013 |

**Query 4**:

    SELECT FORMAT(GETDATE(),'MMM dd,yyyy') AS [MMM dd,yyyy]

    | MMM DD,YYYY |
    | Sep 19,2013 |

**Query 5**:

    SELECT FORMAT(GETDATE(),'HH:mm:ss') AS [HH:mm:ss]

    | HH:MM:SS |
    | 10:02:25 |

**Query 6**:

    SELECT FORMAT(GETDATE(),'dddd, dd MMMM yyyy') AS [long format]

    |                 LONG FORMAT |
    | Thursday, 19 September 2013 |

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