February 21, 2008

How to check if a date is a valid date in Sql Server 2005

At times, in our stored procedures or sql queries, we need to check if the date specified in the variables is a valid date.

Use the ISDATE() function.

The ISDATE() function determines whether the variable or the expression contains a valid date. It returns 1(true) if the input expression is a valid date; otherwise, it returns 0 (false).

For eg:
DECLARE @dt varchar(10)
SET @dt = '02/21/08'
-- Returns 1

DECLARE @dt varchar(10)
SET @dt = '13/21/08'
-- Returns 0 as 13 is not a valid month

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Anonymous said...

very useful..thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not always such a good idea, especially when you have international clients - if they use a DD/MM/YY format it will fail, and you wont know why...