May 24, 2008

List all object dependencies on which the Stored Procedure depends

In order to lists the database objects on which the given stored procedure depends, use the following query:

USE Adventureworks
EXEC sp_depends @objname = N'uspGetManagerEmployees'

sp_depends displays information about database object dependencies.

sp_depends gives out two result sets. One that shows the objects on which the 'given object' depends and the other, shows the objects that depend on the 'given object'

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Rehan said...

QL Server 2008 database engine automatically keeps track of object dependency information whenever referencing entities are created, dropped or altered and it records this information in SQL Server system catalogs. A dependency is created between two objects when one object appears by name inside a SQL statement stored in another object. The object which is appearing inside the SQL expression is known as referenced entity and the object which has the SQL expression is known as a referencing entity.