June 14, 2009

Stop, Start, Pause and Resume a SQL Server Instance using net Commands

A user asked me recently if it was possible to start and stop a SQL Server Service using command line. The answer is YES and it is quite easy to do so as shown below:

Open your windows command prompt and type the following command to Stop, Start, Pause and Continue a SQL Server Instance.

Note: If you are running this on Vista or higher OS, you may have to run the command prompt as administrator. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click Command Prompt > Run as Administrator

To Stop, Start, Pause and Resume a SQL Server Default Instance

Stop – net stop MSSQLSERVER

Start – net start MSSQLSERVER

Pause – net pause MSSQLSERVER

Continue – net continue MSSQLSERVER


To Stop, Start, Pause and Resume a SQL Server Named Instance

Note: I have a named instance called SUPROTIM2 on my machine.

Stop – net stop “SQL SERVER SUPROTIM2”

Start – net start “SQL SERVER SUPROTIM2”

Pause – net pause “SQL SERVER SUPROTIM2”

Continue – net continue “SQL SERVER SUPROTIM2”


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