July 10, 2009

Resolving the error - EXECUTE permission denied on object 'sp_send_dbmail', database 'msdb', schema 'dbo'

Recently, a viewer mailed me asking about an error in Database Mail. The error was EXECUTE permission denied on object sp_send_dbmail, database 'msdb', schema 'dbo'.

The error means that the user who is trying to send Database Mail does not have the required permissions to execute sp_send_dbmail. To be able to send mail using Database mail, a user has to be a member of the ‘DatabaseMailUserRole’ role in the msdb database. Here’s how to add the user to this role

USE msdb
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_addrolemember @rolename = 'DatabaseMailUserRole',
@membername = 'SomeDomain\SomeDomainUser';
After successful execution of this statement, the error should be fixed.

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