January 16, 2010

SQLIOSim - Identify the optimal disk configuration and troubleshoot I/O faults before deploying SQL Server

I came across a very cool tool while helping one of my colleagues troubleshoot a database corruption issue. This tool is called SQLIOSim which simulates SQL Server I/O workload, even when SQL Server is not installed. In earlier versions, we had the SQLIOStress utility which tested I/O workload. SQLIOSim is an enhanced version of this tool.

Note: As a best practice mentioned over here, to help maintain appropriate data integrity and security, Microsoft recommends that you perform stress tests of your I/O subsystem before you deploy SQL Server on new hardware. The SQLIOSim utility simulates the read patterns, the write patterns, and the problem identification techniques of SQL Server.

Here’s a document that will teach you the basics of SQLIO.

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SQL Database Recovery said...

I have tried many tools but all works when SQL Server is installed. I have already used SQLIOStress but won't remember it required SQL Installation or not. Thanks for sharing SQLIOSim updated version.