February 11, 2010

When was my SQL Server Installed?

I was going through the SQL Server Security Catalog view and stumbled upon the sys.server_principals view. This view contains a row for every server-level principal. When you install SQL Server 2005/2008, the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM login gets created. Querying this view, we can easily retrieve the creation date. Here’s how:

SQL Server 2005/2008

SELECT create_date
FROM sys.server_principals

SQL Server 2000

SELECT createdate
FROM sys.syslogins



If you know of a simpler way to retrieve the SQL Server installation date, make sure to drop a comment.

Note: This query will not give correct results, if in between your master database became corrupt and you had to rebuild it. I will update this post with other such exceptions(as and when I learn about them) when this query may not return expected results.

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