June 03, 2010

Find the Next Identity Value of Each Table of your SQL Server Database

Here’s a quick (and dirty) way of finding out the next identity value of each table of your SQL Server Database. We will use the undocumented stored procedure sp_MSforeachtable for this purpose

USE Northwind
'IF OBJECTPROPERTY(object_id(''?''), ''TableHasIdentity'') = 1
Print ''?'' DBCC CHECKIDENT (''?'', RESEED)



Observe how I have used an IF condition to only check those tables which have an Identity. Usually when developers do not add this step, they get error messages for those table that do not contain an identity column as shown below


As I said, it is a quick and dirty way! Although the undocumented stored procedures are helpful, use them sparingly as they may be deprecated and removed from future SQL Server versions.

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Madhivanan said...

If you dont want to use undocumented procedure and if the version is later than 2000, you can use

select object_name(object_id) as table_name,name as column_name,last_value as current_value from sys.identity_columns
order by table_name

Khushboo said...

How to do it if I am using sql 2000?