June 07, 2010

SQL Server Reporting Services Tutorials on Books Online

I have got a couple of mails this year with users requesting for basic tutorials on SSRS. Well here are some good SSRS Tutorials available freely on SQL Server Books Online (BOL) to help you get started with SSRS

Getting Started with Reporting Services - Use the tutorials in this section to learn basic report design skills, one step at a time.
How to Locate and Start Reporting Services Tools - Use this tutorial to learn how to use the tools to configure a report server, manage report server content and operations, and create and publish reports and report models.

Developer's Guide: Tutorials (Reporting Services) - Use the tutorials in this section to learn about the many different ways to develop Reporting Services solutions.

Designing and Implementing Reports Using Report Designer (Reporting Services) – Use the tutorials to build a report in Report Designer, create the report project, add data, and arrange the layout of the data and graphical elements. You can also add interactive features to your report and manipulate the output by using expressions. When the report is complete, you can use Report Designer to preview the report and publish it directly to the report server

Designing Report Models: Tutorials - Use the tutorials in this section to learn necessary skills for creating models that you can use in Report Builder or Report Model Query Designer.

[Additional Information - 10 Must Read SQL Server Reporting Services articles on SQLServerCurry – You can also check out some advanced SSRS tutorials written on SqlServerCurry by Gouri Sohoni]

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