July 31, 2010

Print Dates without Day or Time in SQL Server

While designing one of the queries in SQL Server 2005, I came across a requirement to print dates without the day (i.e. only the month and year had to be printed) or print only the time and so on. I had seen a couple of questions on the forums about the same in the past, so thought of sharing these queries in case you needed them.

The original format in which the data was stored was 2010-06-30 14:15:15.390. Just declare it in your sql statement as follows:

DECLARE @CurrentDate DateTime
SET @CurrentDate = '2010-06-30 14:15:15.390'

Here’s how we can achieve the desired output with the @CurrentDate:

Print Date in MM/YYYY format

SELECT DATENAME(m, @CurrentDate) 
+ ' ' + CONVERT(varchar(4), DATEPART(year, @CurrentDate))
as 'MM/YYYY'


Print Date in MM-DD-YY format

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(10), @CurrentDate, 110)
as 'MM-DD-YY'


Print only the Time without the Date



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