February 28, 2011

T-SQL and SQL Server Administration Articles Link List – February 2011

Here’s a quick wrap up of the articles published on http://www.sqlservercurry.com/ in the month of February 2011

SQL Server Administration Articles

Fastest Way to Update Rows in a Large Table in SQL Server - Many a times, you come across a requirement to update a large table in SQL Server that has millions of rows (say more than 5 millions) in it. In this article I will demonstrate a fast way to update rows in a large table

View Object Dependencies in SQL Server 2008 - Viewing object dependencies within a database as well as between databases and servers has become easier in SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008 introduces a catalog view (sys.sql_expression_dependencies) and dynamic management functions (sys.dm_sql_referenced_entities & sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities) that can help in dependency tracking.

SQL Server: Count Rows in Tables and its Size - In this post we will see how to count rows in all the tables of a database using SQL Server

T-SQL Articles

Calculate Median in SQL Server - Median is the numeric value that separates higher half of the list from the lower half. Let us see how to calculate Median in SQL Server

Sort Alphanumeric Data in SQL Server - This post shows how to sort alphanumeric data in SQL Server. You need to use a different approach to get an alphanumeric sort.

SQL Server: Return Multiple Values from a Function - A SQL Server function can return a single value or multiple values. To return multiple values, the return type of the the function should be a table.

SQL Server: Store and Retrieve IP Address - We can store IP addresses in SQL Server in a varchar column. However to retrieve IP address for a specific range, we need to split each part and compare it.

SQL Server: Group By Year, Month and Day - I have seen some confusion in developers as how to do a Group by Year, Month or Day, the right way. Well to start, here’s a thumb rule to follow.

SQL Server: First and Last Sunday of Each Month - This post shows you how to find the First and Last Sunday for each month of a given year, in SQL Server

SQL Server: Storing Images and Other BLOB types - In this post, we will see how to store BLOB (Binary Large Objects) such as files or images in SQL Server.

SQL Server: Highest and Lowest Values in a Row - Calculate both the highest and lowest values in a row without using an UNPIVOT operator.

SQL Server: First Day of Previous Month - A user asked me how to find the first day of the previous and next month in SQL Server

SQL Server: Convert to DateTime from other Datatypes - In this post, we will see how to convert data of different datatypes to a DateTime datatype, in SQL Server.

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