May 23, 2011

SQL Server Denali: Analysis Services Roadmap update

If you are a SQL Server BI developers and are amongst the folks eagerly awaiting the release, news and roadmap update on SQL Server Denali Analysis Services, then I would strongly recommend you to read this post by T.K Anand, the Principal Group Program Manager of the SQL Server Analysis Team.

In his post Analysis Services – Vision & Roadmap Update, Anand has provided an update on the SQL Server Analysis Services roadmap released in November 2010 last year. The Business Intelligence Semantic Model is being introduced in Analysis Services for SQL Server “Denali” to build on the strengths and success of Analysis Services, expand its reach to a much broader community, and enable the next generation of BI applications.

Anand quotes “The BI Semantic Model is one model for all end user experiences – reporting, analytics, scorecards, dashboards, and custom applications.  All client tools in the Microsoft BI stack – Excel, PowerPivot, SharePoint Insights and Reporting Services (including Crescent) – operate on this model

To be notified of the next Denali CTP launch, check here

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