October 13, 2015

Does my SQL Server Database Support Compression?

Some time back, Praveen Dabade had written a nice article on SQL Server Compressed Tables and Indexes in SQL Server where he explained how compression is now supported on ‘ROW and PAGE’ for tables and indexes. However did you know that compression is an enterprise-level feature?

How do determine what Enterprise Edition features are enabled on your database? Well you can use the sys.dm_persisted_sku_features DMV to find what Enterprise Edition features are
enabled on your database.

Learn more about Dynamic Management Views (DMV’s) here

Here’s the query for the same

SELECT feature_name,feature_id

Running this query will list all edition-specific features that are enabled in the current database. Some of the database changing features restricted to the SQL Server Enterprise or Developer editions are Compression, Partitioning, ChangeCapture etc.

This DMV is also useful in situations where you are planning to move a database from a higher to a lower edition. Eg: From Enterprise to Standard edition. Running the query will tell you if there are any Enterprise Edition features enabled that may not work when you move to a lower edition.

The DMV will return no rows if no features restricted to a particular edition are used by the database.

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