October 31, 2010

T-SQL and SQL Server Administration Articles Link List – October 2010

Here’s a quick wrap up of the articles published on this blog in the month of October

T-SQL Posts

Check if Temp Table Exists and Drop it in SQL Server - Check for an existing Temp Table and drop it using T-SQL

Duplicate a Column in SQL Server - A very simple but useful post that shows how to duplicate an existing column in SQL Server.

AutoGenerate Numeric ID’s in SQL Server with No Sequence - Generate a 10 digit number but with no sequence

Display Dates in a Particular Format in SQL Server - Questions of displaying dates in either ‘mm/dd/yy’ format or ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ format and so on have been asked numerous times. Here’s a solution.

Truncate Hour, Minute, Second and MilliSecond in SQL Server - How to Truncate a DateTime in SQL Server.

Find and Delete Duplicate Rows From Tables without Primary Key - How to find and delete duplicate rows from sample tables, which do not have a Primary Key

Analyze and validate T-SQL code using SQL Enlight - How to use SQL Enlight tool to analyze and validate T-SQL Code

Calculate Running Total and Row Total in SQL Server - How to calculate Row Totals and Running Totals in SQL Server

List all System Stored Procedures in SQL Server - How to display all schema-scoped user-defined objects as well as system objects.

Generate Numbers Between two Numbers in SQL Server - Generate numbers between two numbers in the shortest possible way

Execute T-SQL Code Only on Certain Days - Simple tip using IF-ELSE to prevent my T-SQL code from running on Saturday’s

SQL Server Administration

Important DMVs to monitor CPU – SQL Server - Some important Dynamic Management Views (DMV’s) to monitor the CPU where SQL Server is installed

Get Free Disk space using SQL Server - Programmatically determine Free Hard Disk Space using T-SQL.


Enter a SQL Server Quiz to win Prizes - Jacob Sebastian of the BeyondRelational fame is hosting a SQL Server Quiz which gives you the chance to win lots of prizes

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Released - News about Microsoft recently releasing SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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