List All Tables with their Modification date in SQL Server

If you wish to find out when a table in a database was modified, use this query. This query lists all the tables in the database with the modification date

 USE Northwind

 SELECT name, modify_date FROM Sys.Tables

 Where object_id IN

 (SELECT object_id FROM sys.tables)

 AND type = 'U'


TableName            ModifyDate

Categories            2009-01-23 14:16:14.900

Customers            2009-01-23 14:16:15.103

Shippers            2009-01-23 14:16:14.790

Suppliers            2009-01-23 14:16:14.900

Orders                2009-01-23 14:16:14.790

Products            2009-01-23 14:16:14.900

Order Details        2009-01-23 14:16:13.653

CustomerCustomerDemo2009-01-23 14:16:15.107

CustomerDemographics2009-01-23 14:16:15.103

Region                2009-01-23 14:16:15.157

Territories            2009-01-23 14:16:15.180

EmployeeTerritories    2009-01-23 14:16:15.190

CustomersTemp        2009-02-20 17:37:34.083

Employees            2009-01-23 14:16:15.180

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