Retrieve information about Database Restore for all Databases in SQL Server 2005/2008

If you want to find out details like when were all the databases last restored along with some more information like who restored it, recovery model etc., use the msdb..restorehistory and msdb..backupset tables as shown below:

SELECT rh.destination_database_name, rh.user_name, bk.first_lsn,

rh.restore_date, bk.backup_start_date, bk.recovery_model

FROM msdb..restorehistory rh

INNER JOIN msdb..backupset bk ON rh.backup_set_id = bk.backup_set_id

WHERE rh.destination_database_name IN

(SELECT name from sys.sysdatabases)

AND bk.type = 'D'


destination_database_name    user_name    first_lsn    restore_date    backup_start_date    recovery_model

Northwind    Suprotim-PC\Suprotim    41000000016800052    2009-03-14 17:58:36.653    2009-03-14 17:58:18.000    SIMPLE

The msdb..backupset is a very useful table and you can also get important details like the LSN (Log Sequence Number) used for a differential backup set.

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