Recompiling Stored Procedures in SQL Server – All, Few or One at a time

Amongst other uses, recompiling your stored procedures can be useful especially when you want to ensure that you haven't deleted/renamed any columns/tables.

The following queries shown below recompile all stored procedures the next time they are run.

Recompiling all the Stored Procedures in a Database

-- Recompile all Stored Procedures and Triggers on a Database
USE AdventureWorks;
EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command1="EXEC sp_recompile '?'";

Note: See my post over here for other uses of sp_MSforeachtable 8 Common Uses of the undocumented Stored Procedure sp_MSforeachtable

Recompile all the Stored Procedures in a Table

-- Recompile all Stored Procedures that act on the Customer table
USE AdventureWorks;
EXEC sp_recompile N'Sales.Customer';

Recompile a specific Stored Procedure

-- Recompile a specific Stored Procedure uspGetEmployeeManagers
USE AdventureWorks;
EXEC sp_recompile 'uspGetEmployeeManagers';

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Not sure how this works, but when I ran the command it gave me
Object '[dbo].[MY_TABLE_NAME]' was successfully marked for recompilation.

However I made changes to the table to make sure it's SP dependencies break, it didn't protest. Gave the same error message. Not sure what's going on. Trying out the following now