How To Find the ASCII Value of each character in your String – SQL Server

Here’s a simple query that lists the ASCII Value of each character in your string in SQL Server

DECLARE @counter int = 1;
DECLARE @colString varchar(10) = 'AA%#& ';

WHILE @counter <= DATALENGTH(@colString)
(ASCII(SUBSTRING(@colString, @counter, 1))) as [Character],
ASCII(SUBSTRING(@colString, @counter, 1)) as [ASCIIValue]

SET @counter = @counter + 1

Here we are using the ASCII function to list the ASCII values of each character



This function can be very useful to find and replace characters like Tabs, LineFeed etc. that may get inserted in a string. Check the last row in the screenshot above. It is the Tab Control Character with ASCII 9.

In case you want to remove the Tab Character, use this query

SET @colString = REPLACE(@colString, CHAR(9), '')

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Unknown said...

Another method without using a loop is

DECLARE @counter int
set @counter = 1;DECLARE @colString varchar(10)
set @colString= 'AA%#& '
--;WHILE @counter <= DATALENGTH(@colString) BEGIN SELECT CHAR(ASCII(SUBSTRING(@colString, @counter, 1))) as [Character], ASCII(SUBSTRING(@colString, @counter, 1)) as [ASCIIValue] SET @counter = @counter + 1 END

select substring(@colString,number,1),ascii(substring(@colString,number,1)) from master..spt_values
where type='p' and number between 1 and datalength(@colString)