Working With Report Model in SSRS – Part III

In last 2 articles Working with Report Model Part I and Working with Report Model Part II, we discussed overview of report model and how to create report model with the help of designer. In this article, we will create Report with Report Builder 2.0 based on the Report Model created in the previous article (Working with Report Model Part II)

Report Builder 2.0 can be downloaded from here

1. For working with Report Builder 2.0 go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 > Report Builder 2.0

2. Create a New Report > Select table or matrix report > the connection to data source screen will be shown. Click on Browse (ensure you have given proper URL for report server) > in select data source it displays folders for models > Select “Report Model Demo” > click on Next.

3. A Design query screen will be provided as follows:


4. Under Entities, if you double click on ‘Customer’, all the entities will be automatically added to drag and column fields area. But we will not be working with only Customer.

5. Select Product from entities; double click “English Product Name” from fields. You will see that once we select Product, only related entities to Product are displayed in entities. Select Product SubCategory and double click on “English Product Subcategory Name” so as to get selected. Select Product Category and double click on “English Product Category Name”.

6. Select Internet Sales from entities. Double click on “Total Unit Price” and “Total Unit Quantity”.

7. Select Order Date from entities. Double click on “Calendar Quarter Desc”, “Calendar Year Desc” and “Month Name” and click on Next.

8. Drag and drop the fields so that the screen looks as follows:

and click on Next.

9. Keep the default settings for Choose the layout screen and click Next.

10. Select the required style and click Finish.

11. After doing certain changes like changing names of some columns, providing format for Unit Price the report looks as follows:


And there you have your first report created using a custom Report Model in Report Builder 2.0


Heiko said...

I read all the three parts..simple, crisp, to the point. Excellent series!

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I love this .. Very simple and Cool ..

Roopesh Babu V