Convert Month Number to Month Name in SQL Server

One of my blog readers mailed me asking a simple way to convert a month number to month name. Here’s the simplest way in my opinion:

DECLARE @Mth smallint
@Mth = 11
SELECT DateName(mm,DATEADD(mm,@Mth,-1)) as [MonthName]



Similarly if you want to list all the month names for a year using a T-SQL statement, you can do this:

SELECT Number + 1 as [MonthNumber],
DateName(mm,DATEADD(mm,Number,0)) as [MonthName]
FROM master..spt_values
WHERE Type = 'P' and Number < 12



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Madhivanan said...

Another method

DECLARE @Mth smallint
SET @Mth = 11
select datename(month,'2000'+cast(@Mth as char(2))+'01')


Anonymous said...

I try like explanation above to get month name uset datename function and ok.
thank a lot for it.

see it on my sql tutorial

Anonymous said...

thanks it worked for me.

George Chuene said...

Thanks a lot , that works perfect

George Chuene said...
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