Identify Tables that have Clustered index but no NonClustered indexes

I was recently helping a client determine tables in his SQL Server 2005/2008 which had Clustered Index but did not have any nonclustered index on them. I am sharing the query I tried out to achieve the same and will use the Northwind database as a sample to test the query on

SELECT as TableName
FROM sys.objects obj
INNER JOIN sys.indexes idx ON idx.OBJECT_ID = obj.OBJECT_ID
FROM sys.indexes
WHERE index_id > 1)
AND idx.Index_ID = 1)


Tables without nonclustered index

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Bob S. said...

I think you need to add the following filter to ensure that the results only include tables with clustered indexes.

AND idx.INDEX_ID = 1

Otherwise, the query includes tables that don't have a clustered index (INDEX_ID = 0 uses a heap).

Suprotim Agarwal said...

Thanks Bob. Yes I missed out on that one and thanks so much for your suggestion. I have added that to the query

Srini said...

select name from sys.tables WHERE OBJECTPROPERTYEX(object_id,'TableHasclustIndex')=1 AND OBJECTPROPERTYEX(object_id,'TableHasNonclustIndex')=0