Add Error Handling to an Existing Stored Procedure

A lot of developers find Error Handling to be a tedious task, and in some cases it is. As a result, a lot of them skip error handling assuming the code would run just fine. However in a practical scenario, assuming that the code works fine is a myth.

Here’s a technique of how to add Error Handling to an Existing Stored Procedure without changing the code of the stored procedure. This technique was shared by a colleague of mine called Henry Perkins and I am thankful to him for the same. So let us say there is a stored procedure called uspSampleProc. To add error handling to this stored proc, use the following code. I am using the Northwind database to create this stored procedure with an exception

USE Northwind
Customers(CustomerID, CompanyName)
-- Catch the error
ERROR_Number() as ErrorNumber,
ERROR_MESSAGE() as ErrorMessage,
ERROR_PROCEDURE() as InStoredProcedure,
ERROR_STATE() as ErrorState,
ERROR_SEVERITY() as ErrorSeverity,
ERROR_LINE() as ErrorLine

Since ALFKI already exists in the Customer table, there is a violation of primary key constraint which is caught by our Error Handling code. The output of running this code is as follows:

ErrorHandling StoredProcedure

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