Count Rows in all the Tables of a SQL Server Database

To get an accurate value of all the rows in a SQL Server table, use DBCC UPDATEUSAGE. DBCC UPDATEUSAGE corrects the rows, used pages, reserved pages, leaf pages and data page counts for each partition in a table or index. Here’s a query that first uses DBCC UPDATEUSAGE and then count all the rows in all the tables of a database using the undocumented stored procedure sp_msForEachTable

USE AdventureWorks

EXEC sp_msForEachTable
'SELECT PARSENAME(''?'', 1) as TableName,
COUNT(*) as NumberOfRows FROM ?'

OUTPUT (Partial)


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Anonymous said...

Suggestion for a new Blog Title: "How to kill larges Databases 101"

John David said...

Hey..i am also looking for the same topic.
thanks for sharing with us all.

Madhivanan said...

Another method is

select object_name(id) as table_name, rows from sys.sysindexes
where indid<2
order by table_name