Display Dates in a Particular Format in SQL Server

Questions of displaying dates in either ‘mm/dd/yy’ format or ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ format and so on have been asked numerous times. A very good link to check out the different Date and Time styles is the CAST and CONVERT functions in BOL

Here’s an example of displaying dates in ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ format

ID int,
DateOfEntry DateTime

SELECT 1, '08/22/2010' UNION ALL
SELECT 2, '09/01/2010' UNION ALL
SELECT 3, '10/03/2010' UNION ALL
SELECT 4, '10/07/2010'

SELECT ID, CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DateOfEntry,103) AS 'dd/mm/yyyy'



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Joel said...

Thanks for the quick recap. It's amazing how often the question about dates comes up - even from experienced DBA's!