List all Default Values in a SQL Server Database

I had earlier written a query to Find a Column Default value using T-SQL. Here’s how to find the default value of all columns in all tables of a database

SELECT as 'Table', as 'Column',
object_definition(default_object_id) AS [DefaultValue]
FROM sys.objects obj INNER JOIN sys.columns col
ON obj.object_id = col.object_id
where obj.type = 'U'

The sys.objects and sys.columns provides us with the metadata needed to find the default values of all columns in a database.



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Banking Software said...

I'm the beginner for SQL...
Wonderful Practical idea... nice blog...

Unknown said...

Nice Article !

Really this will help to people of SQL Server Community.
I have also prepared small note on this, How to find default value of columns in SQL Server.

Unknown said...

Just one question. How can we print this default values or assign default values to declared variables dynamically? The problem is , when we try retrieving the default values from the table, using Object_definition, it gives string/varchar with parenthesis. Any idea how to get rid of that?