SQL Server: Find Database File Path

Suppose you want to find out the path where the SQL Server database files(mdf and ldf) are located, using a query. You can use system procedure sp_helpdb and system view sysfiles to obtain this information.

The following methods shows the path of the database files for master database

Method 1 : Use sp_helpdb

EXEC sp_helpdb master

Method 2 : Use sys.sysfiles view

select filename from master.sys.sysfiles


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Vishal said...

For SQL Server 2005+ you can also use sys.database_files:

SELECT name, physical_name
FROM sys.database_files

Suprotim Agarwal said...

I am not 100% sure but I think sys.sysfiles was either removed or planned to be removed from SQL 2005+ onwards. So yes sys.database_files is a good option.

For read-only db's in particular, I would recommend trying the master.sys.master_files DMV.