SQL Server: List all Jobs On Server

SQL Server jobs are used to schedule code to run at periodic intervals automatically. SQL Server agent is responsible for this automation. If you want to list out all the jobs
created in your current server, you can use the following methods

Method 1

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) > In Object explorer > SQL Server Agent > Jobs

This will show the list of all jobs.

I cannot view SQL Server Agent on my machine?

Here are some reasons why you cannot view SQL server agent on your machine
  • SQL Server agent is not visible if you use SQL Server Management Studio Express since SQL Server Express does not include SQL Server Agent feature.
  • You need to be member of at least one of the SQL Server Agent Fixed Database roles. Remember that members of the sysadmin fixed server role have access to all SQL Server Agent functionality.
Method 2

We can use the system stored procedure sp_help_job available in msdb database
EXEC msdb..sp_help_job

SQL Server Agent Jobs

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