Declaring Length for VARCHAR and NVARCHAR datatypes IS Necessary

I have seen some new SQL Server developers declaring Varchar and Nvarchar data types without specifying a length, since it is optional. Although this works in some other programming languages like C#, SQL Server behaves differently and this is a bad practice overall. Let us see with an example of what’s wrong with not declaring a length for the Char or Varchar data type.

Consider the following t-sql code




Surprised seeing the output? When a length is not specified while declaring a variable, the default length is 1 and when a length is not specified when using the CAST and CONVERT functions, the default length is 30. That’s the reason you get the output you see above.

Note: Try doing the same when you create a table with a CHAR column, without specifying the length.

To get the desired results, rewrite the t-sql code in the following manner:

DECLARE @v1 AS char(30)
DECLARE @v2 AS varchar(60)
SET @v1 = 'abcdefghijkl'
SET @v2 = 'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog'

DATALENGTH(CAST(@v2 as varchar(60)))

Now you get the desired results


Another place where you got to be careful is while creating stored procedures with parameters. If you have created a stored procedure that accepts a parameter with a VARCHAR datatype with no length, you will be in for a surprise to learn that SQL Server silently truncates the string and adds some leading characters.

Overall, always specify a length for the CHAR, VARCHAR, NVARCHAR and similar data types. It’s a good practice!

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Aaron Bertrand said...

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Suprotim Agarwal said...

Nice post Aaron. They should make the length mandatory for varchar and similar dt's. Not sure what was the thought process of not doing it in the first place.

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