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One of the most frequently asked question by SQL developers, is on handing Date,  Time and other related datetime values in SQL Server. Developers are always looking out for solutions which demand either converting Date Time Values or finding date time ranges and so on. Madhivanan and I have already written a couple of articles on handling DateTime in SQL Server. In this post I will share some of the links with you.

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FLOOR a DateTime in SQL Server

SQL Server: Insert Date and Time in Separate Columns

SQL Server: Group By Days and Create Categories

SQL Server: Insert Date and Time in Separate Columns

SQL Server: Group By Year, Month and Day

SQL Server: First and Last Sunday of Each Month

SQL Server: First Day of Previous Month

SQL Server: Convert to DateTime from other Datatypes

Date Difference in SQL Server in Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Display Dates in a Particular Format in SQL Server

Truncate Hour, Minute, Second and MilliSecond in SQL Server

Calculate Interest on an Amount Between two Dates using SQL Server

Working with Different Time Zones in SQL Server 2008

Print Dates without Day or Time in SQL Server

Calculate Age from Date Of Birth using SQL Server

Replace SQL Server DateTime records of a column with UTC time

Calculate Average Time Interval in SQL Server

List all the Weekends of the Current Year using SQL Server

Create Date Ranges for Consecutive dates in a SQL Server Table

SQL Query to find out who attended office on Saturday

Convert Date to String in SQL Server

Convert Character string ISO date to DateTime and vice-versa

Select dates within the Current Week using SQL Server

Generate a Start and End Date Range using T-SQL

Convert From EST to GMT Time and vice versa in SQL Server

Convert DateTime to VarChar in SQL Server

How to Display DateTime Formats in Different Languages using SQL Server

Finding the Business Days In a Quarter and Number them in SQL Server 2005/2008

Find the WeekEnds in this Quarter or Year using SQL Server 2005/2008

Comparing Dates In Two Columns using SQL Server\

Some Common DateTime Formats in SQL Server 2005/2008

First weekday of a month in SQL Server

DATENAME() function in SQL Server 2005

Return date without time using Sql 2005

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