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With 2011 fast approaching and 2010 drawing to an end, I've put together a list of the Most Popular posts on this year. Along with me, I had SQL Server MVP Madhivanan joining the author panel and sharing his knowledge via posts and answering your comments. Many thanks to you Madhivanan for the useful articles.

A big thank you to everybody who has contributed in one or more of the many ways: by writing a post, by commenting, by sharing the articles on social media, by Subscribing to the RSS feed or by adding me on Twitter.

So here is – a list of 2010's Most Popular Posts on


Quickly determine the DataType and Nullability of a Column in a query in SQL Server Management Studio 2008

Moving the Tempdb Database to another location

Restore SQL Server 2008 backup in SQL Server 2005

Using SQLCMD to export SQL Server Data as Comma Separated Values


When was my SQL Server Installed?

Mapping SQL Server 2000 System Tables to SQL Server 2005/2008 System Views

Identify Tables that have Clustered index but no NonClustered indexes


Update a SQL Server Column with Random Numbers within a Range

Temporary Tables VS Table Variables

Profiler for SQL Server 2005/2008 Express Edition

Some useful Addins for SQL Server Management Studio 2005 and 2008


Find the Nth Maximum and Minimum Value in a Column

Using CASE Expression in SQL Server to create a Computed Column – Avoiding Nulls

List of Undocumented Stored Procedures in SQL Server


SQL Query to find out who attended office on Saturday

Create Date Ranges for Consecutive dates in a SQL Server Table

Taking BackUp of SQL Server Database on a USB Drive

Group and Count Records in SQL Server


How to skip a Table or Database while using sp_MSforeachdb or sp_MSforeachtable

Calculate Average Time Interval in SQL Server

Find the Closest Number using SQL Server



Calculate Age from Date Of Birth using SQL Server


Find the Most Time Consuming Code in your SQL Server Database


Different ways to get Identity of New Inserted Rows in SQL Server

Working with Different Time Zones in SQL Server 2008

When to use STUFF instead of REPLACE – SQL Server


Display DML Triggers in your SQL Server Database

Make a T-SQL Query Sleep for a certain amount of time

Email Alerts when something goes wrong with SQL Server

Find Unused Objects in your SQL Server Database

Save SQL Snippets in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Check if Database Exists In SQL Server – Different ways

Read Environment Variables in T-SQL


Check if Temp Table Exists and Drop it in SQL Server

Find and Delete Duplicate Rows From Tables without Primary Key

Calculate Running Total and Row Total in SQL Server

Execute T-SQL Code Only on Certain Days


Format Phone Numbers in SQL Server

Count SubTotals and Totals using ROLLUP in SQL Server

Useful SQL Server System Stored Procedures You Should Know

Dynamic Management Views (DMV) for SQL Server Performance and Tuning

Change the Default Language for SQL Server


List Dynamic Management Views (DMV) by Category in SQL Server 2008

Select Random Rows from a Table – SQL Server

Does SQL Server support Regular Expressions

Filtered Index in SQL Server 2008

Insert Rows in Temporary Table from Stored Procedure – SQL Server

Which is your best post?

So which was the most useful post this year. Also let us know the new SQL Server topics or areas you would like us to write in 2011. Your feedback will help us plan better articles for the year 2011.

So here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Have a great time ahead :)

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Splendid assortment of some of the nicest posts. The best ones i liked

How to skip a Table or Database while using sp_MSforeachdb or sp_MSforeachtable
Useful SQL Server System Stored Procedures You Should Know
Find the Most Time Consuming Code in your SQL Server Database

keep goin!

-- Andy Weinberg

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